Spa My Blend by Clarins at Ritz-Carlton, Toronto

Tailor-made wellness.

NUVO Magazine: Spa My Blend

Photo by Christopher Cypert.

There is a certain allure in how a woman’s face changes with time. In our 20s, cheeks are crimson with youth and promise; our 30s are when laughs and wisdom translate into crinkles around the eyes; and as we pass 40, we begin to embrace (albeit reluctantly) the definition of looking distinguished. Each decade that passes leaves its indelible mark on our faces, revealing experiences that are deep, vibrant, and almost always complex.

With this evolutionary philosophy in mind, skin-care brand Clarins has partnered with the Ritz-Carlton, Toronto, to identify the stories of our skin by creating a highly personalized spa experience—one that not only embraces the skin’s ever-changing qualities, but also champions the potential that exists within it. A first for North America (the only other is at Le Royal Monceau-Raffles in Paris), Spa My Blend by Clarins is the brainchild of Dr. Olivier Courtin-Clarins—who, along with his brother Christian Courtin-Clarins, is heir to the French brand’s throne—and is based on the principles that all skin has the potential to regenerate and repair cells when encouraged to do so. The My Blend skin-care line offers customized formulas that go beyond generics like skin type and age, and instead focus on more specific factors: lifestyle, environment, and how individual needs change at every stage of life. (The Spa My Blend menu is extensive, offering various Clarins treatments.) “You are unique and so is your skin,” says Jonathan Zrihen, president and CEO of Clarins Groupe North America. “That concept of one cream that does it all does not exist. We tell women the truth about their skin and then find them independent solutions. My Blend’s tailor-made formulations are designed to do exactly that.”

NUVO Magazine: Spa My Blend

Armed with a designated and educated “skin coach”, clients begin the trademark My Blend Regenerating Facial Therapy treatment with a 20-minute analysis using advanced diagnostic image technology to determine skin’s firmness, dehydration, and oiliness. Corrective therapies come next by way of facial treatments to help increase the skin’s natural defence potential with concentrations of vitamins, peptide complexes, and plant extracts. After a thorough Q&A period, a bespoke beauty batch is concocted. The prescription can include anywhere between eight Essentials like Oil Crisis Control or Early Age Alert; five Specifics, which cover cleansing products and exfoliators; and an additional seven Boosters, vials of antioxidants and vitamins that can be injected into any or all products.

“There are over 200 different possibilities of skin-care formulas in My Blend, but there is only one possibility that will work for you,” says Dr. Courtin-Clarins. “Yes, it’s an elaborate regime, but we take the pursuit of healthy skin very seriously. Clarins doesn’t believe in miracles—we believe in results.”

Photos by Christopher Cypert.