Canada’s Best Ice Cream Sandwiches

Sweet treats.

Vancouver's Best Ice Cream

Croquembouche, chocolate soufflé, baked Alaska—these complicated confections are imbued with an impressive elegance. And yet, there is something to be said about the simplicity of an ice cream sandwich. A nostalgic sweet reminiscent of hot summer days and sticky fingers, the ice cream sandwich is more than just a convenience store snack.

These days, Canadian ice cream makers are elevating the treat with artisanal methods, high quality ingredients, and creative flavour combinations. In honour of the humble dessert, we present the best ice cream sandwiches in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal—from the classic (chocolate biscuit and vanilla ice cream) to the contemporary (wasabi and honey).

Vancouver’s Best Ice Cream Sandwiches
— Calgary’s Best Ice Cream Sandwiches
Toronto’s Best Ice Cream Sandwiches
Montreal’s Best Ice Cream Sandwiches


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