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A Look Back: Spirited Producers

Celebrating our 15th anniversary.

Over the past 15 years, as we roamed through the countryside, visited distilleries, and spoke to founding families, we discovered that history can in fact be bottled. At La Maison Hennessy, the cognac is produced in several tiers, based on a system devised in 1865. Glenmorangie still produces its famous whisky on the shores of the Dornoch Firth, as it has since 1843. And though the time-honoured traditions of brewers, distillers, and winemakers is evident in their historic estates, aged casks, and the characteristics of their producing regions, their legacies continue to be reinvigorated with the introduction of new blends, such as Rémy Martin’s Louis XIII Cognac.

As we celebrate our 15th anniversary, we toast to the stories of each producer—with a fine vintage, of course.