Winter 2005

NUVO Magazine Winter 2005 Cover featuring David Foster and Celine Dion

A lesson in style.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Just hours after arriving in Rome I am already perched at my favorite haunt, Caffe Sant Eustacchio. Located beside the church of the same name, the café serves a special variation on espresso called a Gran Caffe, and it’s worth the extra money they ask. From my table I watch two phantoms trotting casually across the square, looking just as they did in the flesh two years before.

Books by Charles Portis, Cormac McCarthy, and Norman Rush.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Summer is over. Distant memory for you, perhaps, but for me, I’m being dragged out of it, my nails scraping furrows in August’s deep green shag carpet. I love the summer because, at last, I can read whatever I want.

Getting by with a little help from his friends.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: David Foster is forever in blue jeans. It somehow speaks to his Canadian heritage, and perhaps to his musical tastes. His abilities as a producer are pretty much unassailable, but what most folks might not realize is how he recognizes emerging talent and brings it forward.

Time is precious.

We’ve heard it a thousand times before: time is precious. With the introduction of a sampling of 2005 Basel timepieces, Gucci takes this over-the-top phrase one step further.

Cool singing surfer dude.

For something that started out as a way to entertain friends at a backyard bonfire, playing acoustical versions of songs from influential punk band Minor Threat, Jack Johnson has already carved his own mark on our generation.