Want Passport

Want to fly?

NUVO Magazine: Want Passport at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

Photo by Bob Gundon.

When Want Passport opened up shop at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport last fall, heads turned. The retail concept comprises three hubs—two kiosks in the departure lounges and a bigger shop in the arrivals area. It is prim and proper, and it has a resolute purpose to fill every last space in any fashionable traveller’s carry-on. Leica cameras commingle with handmade Koh-I-Noor toothbrushes; Aēsop body products share shelf space with Falke leggings and hosiery. Not enough room in your luggage to pack away that last-minute gift purchase? Buy a new bag. Want Passport YTZ has an array of exquisite leather goods, including carryalls and organic cotton totes, from parent company Want Les Essentiels de la Vie.

Photo by Bob Gundon.