Cocktail Syrups by Les Charlatans

French toasts.

NUVO Autumn 2015: French Toasts

Jeanne Boucharlat, the French founder of Montreal-based Les Charlatans, has been creating artisanal small-batch cocktail syrups since 2012. Boucharlat, who is also a graphic designer, began her home-based business with an antique-inspired amber bottle and a ginger-infused cocktail syrup. Three years on, the Les Charlatans range has now expanded to include six varieties of syrup, a staple tonic water, and occasional limited-edition items, all composed of all-natural ingredients. The product, packaged in medicinal bottles, is meant to evoke the remedies hawked by peddlers of a bygone era. Boucharlat prescribes a few cocktail recipes; “Un Hiver au Souk” is a personal favourite of hers, a gin-based cocktail with the Les Charlatans Orange & Rosemary Syrup.