With its antique communal dining tables imported from France, modern cottage-style décor, and trays piled with fragrant pastries, Maman Toronto offers sweet respite from the bustle of the city’s Financial District.

Founded in Italy in 1948, Proraso began as a single product: the eucalyptus-and-menthol-based miracle cream, crema miracolosa, that could be used both before (to soften the skin) and after (to calm irritation) shaving.

Jeanne Boucharlat, the French founder of Montreal-based Les Charlatans, has been creating artisanal small-batch cocktail syrups since 2012.

In physics, string theory suggests the universe is made up of tangled strings. While sometimes contested, this concept aptly describes the universe of knitwear designer Kim Haller.

In 2011, the Seattle kitchen of Alex Kummerow and Julia Wills temporarily became an apothecary while the duo searched for a solution to a skin irritation.

From gummies to chocolates, Toronto’s Petite & Sweet has you covered.

With their red chains and bold hues, New York-based Martone Cycling Co.’s bicycle designs are undoubtedly attractive.

In the world of home decor, some retailers offer a streamlined brand, carrying or crafting furniture that follows and appeases a single design philosophy. Moe’s Home Collection is not one of those stores.

Pininfarina’s latest collaboration with 43 Cycles, Milan’s luxury bicycle creators, resulted in the Pininfarina Fuoriserie, revealed at the Seoul Living Design Fair.

Italian bicycle brand Abici has friends in high places. Just six months after its founding in 2005, the company put a stylish spin on things, participating in the PITTI Immagine Uomo fashion show in Firenze and later catching the eye of some big names at Milan’s Salone del Mobile fair in 2007.

T.T.Trunks embrace connoisseurs with customizable cases for every need.

You don’t know until you try—this statement rings particularly true in the beauty industry. Fortunately, Berlin–based beauty brand Glossybox offers reprieve from commitment via a convenient subscription service.

Inspired by the Great White North’s extreme weather, sisters Ashley McDonald and Jennifer Lancefield recognized a gap in the outerwear market: a lack of waterproof apparel that was both fashionable and functional.

Kickstarter may seem like an unlikely beginning for one of the music industry’s highly anticipated debuts, but Neil Young’s PonoPlayer digital music player was one of Kickstarter’s most successful campaigns.

The signature Hudson’s Bay stripes have a long history as a Canadian symbol since their inauguration on the Bay’s point blankets in 1780.

Canadian-born, London-based designer Philippe Malouin is known for his innovative use of materials and playful final forms.