Lambert & Fils Opens NYC Flagship Store

The famed Montreal light designers move to TriBeCa.

Lambert & Fils, founded by Samuel Lambert in 2010 as a light-restoration company on Rue Beaubien, marked its 10th anniversary by opening a showroom in New York City. The move proves the international regard the brand has garnered.


samuel lambert

Samuel Lambert.


The 1,500-square-foot showroom is on the ground floor of the 19th-century red-brick Neo-Grec Schepp building. Lambert himself, with the help of his son and interdisciplinary design and architecture studio re-a.d, designed the interior.


lambert and fils nyc

Hutchinson 04 decorative pendant light.

lighting design in tribeca

Dorval 01.


The result is a splash of the Plateau in the historic, arched building overlooking TriBeCa. White walls and structural columns expand the space that is filled with scattered statement rugs and a large semicircular mirror that rises from the ground.

“The opening of the showroom is definitely a defining moment for us,” Lambert says. “Our goal was to create a space where the objects, the architectural elements—such as the columns and windows—and the surrounding cityscape engage in an ever-evolving dialogue.”


Lambert and fils new york city

Laurent globes.

Lambert and fils new york city ceiling lights



More characteristic of an artist studio or an installation, the showroom allows clients to see the pieces in situ, inspiring onlookers to appreciate the creative prowess of the company and the city from which it comes. Lambert & Fils has grown to be a company of over 50 employees since its founding, but its ability to maintain a toned-down aesthetic makes clear its commitments to refined conceptuality.


interior of Lambert & Fils light design in TriBeCa

Lambert and fils new york city

Photography by Chris Mottalini.