Beaubien by Lambert & Fils

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Lambert & Fils’ lamps are more than simple vessels for holding light. Each is a unique design that brings a sense of purpose to the piece, and as founder Samuel Lambert explains, “Light is accessory to our creations.” The Montreal-based company’s latest product, the Beaubien, goes one step further in this mission, and thus the creation becomes the creator. The minimalistic light fixture serves as the frame for what lies within: the Beaubien’s simple piping and bare light bulbs illuminate the winding corners of empty space. Premiering as Lambert & Fils’ debut piece at New York’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair this year, the Beaubien is a maze of aluminum, powder-coated steel, and brass, its design paying homage to traditional Chinese folding screen panels. Research is imperative to the company’s creative process, and with the influence of both modernism and the Memphis Group’s art movement from the 1980s, the Beaubien embodies a timeless quality. Although its inspiration comes from far and wide, the Beaubien’s name pays homage to the road that Lambert & Fils calls home, where both residential and commercial housing thrives—an element that the Beaubien also carries. The light fixture also allows for versatility in its flat structure, with the option of being hung, mounted, or left standing. The true art, however, is in the way it takes a step back from the spotlight to illuminate the twists and turns within.