The Essential National Daquiri Day Recipe

Bacardí Superior is the not-so-secret ingredient for a fantastic daquiri.

On July 19, celebrate National Daquiri Day properly with Bacardí Superior. Ideal for mixing, Bacardí Superior is a white rum that shines in simple, citrus-forward cocktails like the daquiri. Aged for one or two years in American white oak barrels and run through a charcoal filter, Bacardí Superior is the smoothest rum around—the perfect date for your new favourite holiday.



2 ounces Bacardí Superior rum

1 ounce lime juice

1/3 ounce extra fine sugar



Place sugar and freshly pressed lime juice in a cocktail shaker and stir until the sugar has dissolved.

Pour in the Bacardí Superior rum and fill the shaker with half-cubed ice, followed by some half-crushed ice.

Shake vigorously until thoroughly chilled.

Strain through a fine tea strainer into a chilled coupette.