How Our Staff And Contributors Are Spending Their Quarantine, in One Sentence

Stories from inside.


As the world shelters in place, we asked our staff and contributors how they are coping with the quarantine—whether it’s with memes, movies, or a little magic.

“Watching Scooby Doo 2 and crying, but I’m doing it in a facemask so it’s not sad.” — Allie Turner, Assistant Digital Editor

“The sweet siren call of memes.” — Ayesha Habib, Assistant Editor

“I feel like I am in some sort of controlled experiment, where I am finding out how I feel when certain things are cut out of my life. It’s been hard, but I am using the time to become more aware of myself and to read, always to read.” — Ben Dreith, Digital Editor

“Creating moments of magic in the midst of this bitter pill.” — Claudia Cusano, Editor

“Now that I work from home, I spend less time commuting and more time sanitizing.” — Felicity Stone, Copy Editor

“‘So far this month, you’re averaging fewer steps than last month.’ – Apple Health App, March 2020” — Tracy Giesz-Ramsay, Contributor

“By the end of this, I will understand every pop culture reference that Gilmore Girls ever made.” — Leah Scott, Contributor

“A daily serenade: Today, ‘Mr. Brightside,’ and we danced in the kitchen.” — Alison Sinkewicz, Contributor

“I never thought I’d be jealous of birds. Not just for being outside but getting together and constantly chattering whether it’s sunrise, late afternoon or sunset.” — Waheeda Harris, Contributor

“Now I know what it’s like to age in a barrel.” — Rod Phillips, Contributor

“Missing JJ Bean Americano breaks more than one could conceivably expect…” — Tara Henley, Contributor

“Thank goodness for HBO.” — Lucy Lau, Contributor

“I worry that with all the relentless pilfering of sugar in my kitchen that, if the virus doesn’t get me, the oncoming coronary will.” — Amanda Ross, Contributor

“How simple it seemed to make a plan and anticipate the sight of an adored friend’s face.” — Corrina Allen, Contributor

“I wonder if I’ll empty my bar before the next deliveries come through.” — Jonathan Bell-Etkin, Contributor

“Long days spent inside looking forward to the only thing that brings a sense of normalcy: mealtimes.” — Laura Itzkowitz, Contributor

“Creating new daily outfits has allowed me to dream of both the past and the future, while making the present far more tolerable.” — Karolyne Ellacott, Contributor

“As a freelancer, I’m pretty used to staying at home but knowing that I can’t go out does stress me out.” — Jianan Liu, Contributor

“It feels like a bizarre version of Christmas, all stuck inside together, too much food, too much drink, too much boredom–but still, there’s comfort when every meal is a family one, and joy, like my toddler discovering she can hop, just in time for the Easter Bunny.” — Aileen Lalor, Contributor

“Regrouping, rethinking, reorganizing my records.” — Adam Wray, Contributor

“Just pulled off shirt & tie up top; sweatpants on the bottom for that Zoom conference. #theyllneverknow” — James Dolan, Contributor


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