Conversation Piece XIX

A weekly series.

Daily Edit: Conversation Piece

Cocoa controversy. Remember when “milk” was the default chocolate option? Before the early aughts tried to make the concept of chocolate as a health food resonate, spawning a million bean-y, bitter atrocities? The Atlantic’s Megan Garber says what we’ve all been thinking: milk chocolate is the bomb, creamy sweet things are good, dark chocolate is pretentious. The end. (Unless you want to read more).

Cooking for Jeffery. Celebrity chef Ina Garten’s new cookbook is entirely dedicated to her husband, Jeffrey, and the recipes she knows he particularly likes. If that, ladies and gentlemen, isn’t the definition of true love, we don’t know what is. Here, a musing on just how enviable Jeffrey Garten’s roast-lamb-chop-filled life truly is. Hats off to you, J.G. Read more.

Today in no-nonsense headlines: The New York Times presents How to Dress like an Adult. With tips like “learn to iron,” “[clothes] should support performance, but not be a performance,” and “playact at adulthood,” this is truly the lucid style advice column we’ve been waiting for. Learn more.

Montgomery Girls. Everyone is familiar with Anne of Green Gables—the enduring Canadian heroine is even set to star in a fresh, forthcoming CBC-Netflix series in 2017. But what of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s lesser-known protagonists? Rachel Vorona Cote makes a convincing case for the relatability of Emily Bird Starr of the Emily of New Moon trilogy; a confident, imperious, sensual foil to Anne’s sunny simplicity. Read more.