8 Luxe Luggage Brands to Match Any Traveller’s Personality

Overhead style.

For those flying home, to the tropics, or to their favorite metro around the holidays, people watching in the airport is a must. Turns out, you can tell a lot about someone from their luggage. What sort of vibe do you want to give off as you navigate hotels and airports this year? What does your luggage say about you?

These luggage pieces make defining statements. Do you go with a utilitarian design or a classic, luxe material? Do you go with an established brand or an up-and-coming dynasty? Take a look to see where you fall in the personality spectrum of travel luggage, and choose carefully, these bags last for ages.


Monogrammed or solid-black luggage from Louis Vuitton.


The Glamourous One

For the Horizon 55, Louis Vuitton has pulled out all the stops. Made with the designs of renowned industrial designer Marc Newson, this suitcase is a statement piece that lets other travellers know that you care about the best of every accessory. Logo lovers can have a monogrammed print, or you can let the elegant handle speak for itself by choosing one of the many solid-colour fabric options. Either way, it doesn’t get much more glam than this.



Monos are releasing a new Terrazzo print in their line of premium luggage on November 9th

Monos are releasing a new Terrazzo print, inspired by the team’s trip to Portugal, is being release November 9th 2019.


The Thoughtful Traveller

A Canadian outfit, Monos hit the scene this year and has been making waves. Victor Tam, Hubert Chan, and Daniel Shin founded the company to bring a well-built and mindful design to conscious travelers that just want to travel light and enjoy the moments as they come without burdensome and unwieldy luggage. “Our name is inspired by the Japanese concept mono no aware – the profound appreciation for beauty in fleeting moments,” Chan says. The sleek designs and light colors make for excellent additions to photos as you take in all the beauty that travel offers.



The Bonaventure features an unlikely and sleek handle design.

The Bonaventure features an unlikely and sleek handle design.


The Avant-Garde

Made in Montreal, Charles Simon’s Bonaventure rolling luggage is for the traveler who believes every piece should be a work of art. Made with Canadian materials—including centuries-old timber—the Bonaventure has a unique L-shaped handle and retractable wheels. Also available with aluminum or leather casings, these suitcases are undeniably conceptual, and are meant for people packing canvases and books on top of their clothes.  These concept pieces can even be custom made by Charles Simon’s artisans.



The RIMOWA Original Trunk S.


The Voyager Extraordinaire

Inspired by the sturdiness of airplanes, RIMOWA luggage evokes a high-modern sense of travel. Style meets durability, with the metal exterior and large wheels giving the impression that one could take these suitcases to the moon—or at least to Arizona. With  the backing of German design, this luggage is perfect for travellers who like to look good while keeping their gear on lock.



Herschel's Trade Carry-On with the Travel Backpack.

Herschel’s Trade Carry-On with the Travel Backpack.


The Downtown Creative

Herschel Supply Co. has become an international phenomenon since their start in Vancouver over a decade ago. Its trade luggage has iconic Herschel detailing. The wide base is perfect for someone moving through multiple different travel situations—it is sturdy for that photographer or writer trying to catch the perfect story by bus, plane, or train. Herschel also puts a lot of thought into graphics and colour; anyone can find a look they like, and that’s what makes this brand so internationally successful.



Goyard luggage, ready to set off to a distant and luxury locale.


The Aristocrat

Bespoke, illustrious, and made with the mysterious fabric, Goyardine, Maison Goyard is sold all over the world. The legendary designs have not changed very much over the last 150 years. Why would they? Their classic luggage is as tested by time as it is by travel, and travelers stop in awe when they see a pile of Goyard customs going up the hotel elevator. With origins in royal favour, these suitcases are in a league of their own.



Away’s new Expandables provide extra space for last minute travel needs.


The Entrepreneur

Away is more than just a luggage brand. With its own magazine, it’s a culture. The company has recently branched out to include expandable nylon suitcases in their collection, but by far their most attractive products are the aluminum luggage. They are made for a life lived in action and travel, for the new era of deal-makers and creators who live on the road and have to have luggage they can depend on as they build their empires.



The Architect navy by SteamLine.


The Romantic

Tasteful, classic, and sturdy, SteamLine luggage is cinematic. Leather straps and colours so tantalizing you might want to take a bite (don’t). These pieces look best as a set, with multiple sizes to accompany you on whatever beach-side resort or mountainous spa is next on the agenda.


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