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La Maison Caudalie, New York

French immersion.

When Mathlide and Bertrand Thomas launched beauty company Caudalie, their intent was to share the antioxidant powers of grape sap discovered on the family vineyard, yes, but also to share their “vision of the lifestyle à la française”, as Mathlide calls it. Enter La Maison Caudalie, a (relatively) new Caudalie concept shop located in New York’s Meatpacking District and distinct from the line’s hotel-affiliated spa boutiques in its provision of an immersive experience tailored precisely to the line’s breezy, Bordeaux aesthetic.

“In our Caudalie House, you can find all our beauty expertise through our products and spa rooms, but you can also discover more about the origins of the brand,” says Mathlide. Indeed, visitors here may not only book a Vinothérapie facial, but sample the Thomas’s Smith Haut Lafitte family wine at the French Paradox Café and Wine Bar, or simply relax and read a book on a blush velvet sofa. So far, only two outposts of La Maison Caudalie exist (the other is in Seoul) but the concept will gradually expand into “chic, edgy neighbourhoods” across the world. “We are always located as close as possible to our clientele of course,” says Mathlide. Perhaps the spirit of Bordeaux is en route to a locale near you.

La Maison Caudalie, 823 Washington St, New York, NY.


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