“When you observe a tea master infusing tea, you will see she is constantly monitoring the infusion progress with her senses. It’s as much a labour of love as it is expertise and a lifetime of experience.”

Founded in 2011 by marketing agency Sid Lee in partnership with Cirque du Soleil, C2 Montréal adheres to a new theme each year in an endeavour to stay proactive in the business world.

Determined to liberate bonbons from their “guilty pleasure” status, San Francisco native Ben Tseitlin began making chocolate in 2009, using ingredients that left him feeling good post-indulgence.

Embroidery has traditionally been used as embellishment: a decorative flower on a handkerchief here, a geometric pattern adorning a quilt there. Over the years, however, the contemporary art world has reclaimed needlepoint, and challenged the medium’s norms.

In 2009, inspired by his daily encounters with torrent download status bars, Brent Wadden decided to begin a project depicting this routine part of his life. And so he turned to weaving.

Club Monaco once again delivers on their promise of classic style, this time collaborating with Place Nationale, the London-based bohemian inspired clothing line and vintage renewal brand.

Fair trade is familiar territory for the North American fashion and home decor market, and Far & Wide Collective builds on that recognition by putting a face to each product.

David Wiseman’s Wilderness and Ornament installation at New York’s R & Company is reminiscent of a Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale forest: the beauty is at once both glamorous and raw.

From the Hermès home to yours: Jean-Claude Ellena, Hermès’ perfumer since 2004, entrusted the French brand’s latest olfactory endeavour to his daughter Céline Ellena.

Lambert & Fils’ fixtures are more than simple vessels for holding light. Each is a unique design that brings a sense of purpose to the piece, and as founder Samuel Lambert explains, “Light is accessory to our creations.”

Canadian-born designer Philippe Malouin has reunited with Caesarstone at Milan’s infamous design show, Salone del Mobile, to showcase 20 Planters, an aptly named collection of planters made from vintage Caesarstone surfaces.

As spring is design season, we take cues from the five elements to refresh our spaces and present collections of classic pieces for the home. Water flows, fluid and formless.

Spanish artist Máximo Riera’s Animal Chairs are simultaneously intimidating and beautiful. The rhinoceros seems about to draw breath, the octopus to scuttle away, the whale’s tale to splash back into the sea.

Instead of kicking back in the standard cloth sling, settle down at the end of the day in a wooden hammock, created by Australian designer Adam Cornish. This reinterpretation of the classic lackadaisical swing is far from a simple row of stiff planks.

Forget the slew of mass produced items available on the Internet, the Hobo Society is redefining online shopping.

The Chinese New Year is steeped in 4,713 years of traditions that welcome fresh beginnings: it is customary to wear new clothes, give red envelopes to the younger generation, and sweep the home from top to bottom, all to invite good luck for the year to come.

If you had to choose a favourite meal as your last, what would it be? This common question inspired Australian artist CJ Hendry’s latest project, #50Foodsin50Days, detailed drawings of food on Hermès plates.

A quick glance at Nixie Machine might have you wondering whether you’ve stumbled backwards in time—or forwards. The clock, conceived by German designer Frank Buchwald, draws its name from the six Nixie tubes sitting atop its sculptural steel body.

This certainly isn’t Nendo’s first venture into the world of edible delights. With a portfolio including chocolate pencil shavings, Häagen-Dazs ice cream cake villages, and syrup-filled chocolate paint tubes, the Japanese design house is no stranger to the sweet medium.