Benchic Chocolate Makin’ Kit


Daily Edit: Benchic Chocolate

Determined to liberate bonbons from their “guilty pleasure” status, San Francisco Bay Area native Ben Tseitlin began making chocolate in 2009, using ingredients that left him feeling good post-indulgence, such as minimally processed cocoa beans, whole food fillings, and wild honey. Soon, Tseitlin’s casual pastime creating artisanal chocolates evolved into Benchic Chocolate, a company devoted to spreading his passion for crafting chocolate, by way of filling orders for companies, participating in TEDxSan Francisco, and holding chocolate-making workshops. Now, with the recent release of the Benchic Chocolate Makin’ Kit, Tseitlin encourages you to take the hobby home. Curious would-be chocolatiers can use the kit’s organic ingredients, including cocoa powder from the Dominican Republic and Peruvian lucuma powder, along with shredded coconut and crushed raw almonds to create their own artisanal sweets. The kit’s reusable silicone moulds can make up to 60 chocolates, so whether gifting homemade treats or sating a personal sweet tooth, one can live the dream of always having chocolate on hand.