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C2 Montréal

Business and pleasure.

Business culture is changing rapidly, and as a result, the old-fashioned staple of the business conferences is getting the lively update it so direly required. Forget row upon row of trade booths, Power Point presentations on loop, and forced conversations in stale cafeterias; C2 Montréal offers a revitalization. A conference, certainly, but where else will you witness cross-media dance performances, submerge yourself in a giant ball pit, and attend group meetings in chairs suspended 18 feet in the air—all in the name of business?

Founded in 2011 by marketing agency Sid Lee in partnership with Cirque du Soleil, C2 Montréal adheres to a new theme each year in an endeavour to stay proactive in the business world. This gathering of the creative- and commercial-minded features interactive exhibits, collaborative inter-industry workshops, and world-renowned speakers. This year Martha Stewart, David Suzuki, and Airbnb’s head of global hospitality Chip Conley will speak on the subject of “the Many,” examining how influence is shifting from “the corporate few” to a powerful mass of consumers and organizations.

As industry develops, collaboration—even with competitors—becomes a necessity that C2 Montréal embraces. The conference houses stimulating environments to encourage its 4,000-odd international attendees to push creative and commercial boundaries, allowing them to network through collaboration, and find their company’s voice in a global conversation. With its innovative approach to the age-old convention, C2 Montréal demonstrates there’s no reason not to mix business with pleasure.