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Teforia Tea Infuser

Modern rituals.

“With milk and sugar” is by no means the only answer to the question “How do you take your tea?”. Rather, preparing the drink can be a meticulous procedure of ensuring particular water temperatures, leaf measurements, and steeping times. With Teforia’s intelligent tea-brewing infuser, now available to pre-order, the steps to concocting the perfect cuppa can be accomplished with ease.

Pop one of Teforia’s compostable single origin tea pods into the infuser, and the machine’s Selective Infusion Process (SIP) technology automatically detects the proper brewing method for the tea varietal. The blends, created in collaboration with partners Samovar Tea, Mighty Leaf, and Smith Teamakers, can be adjusted for aroma, caffeine, and antioxidant levels by way of Teforia’s smartphone app. Its journal feature remembers customizations for the next brew, and suggests other teas based on inputted preferences. Also available is information on the teas’ backgrounds and traditions, encouraging the drinker delve into the beverage’s rich culture, which CEO Allen Han encourages.

In researching Teforia, Han worked with boutique family estates in Taiwan, witnessing the dedication tea makers have for their craft. Seven hours outside of Taipei, one particular estate has farmers setting out at first light to pick only the top two leaves and buds off of each branch, not returning until noon. The roasting and drying process is equally as meticulous, involving approximately 20 people manually tending to the leaves. “Brewing the best cup of tea requires unique knowledge of how the tea was grown, the terroir in which it was grown, when and how it was harvested, how it has been treated, and how it should be served,” says Han. “When you observe a tea master infusing tea, you will see she is constantly monitoring the infusion progress with her senses. It’s as much a labour of love as it is expertise and a lifetime of experience.”

By harnessing this knowledge and simplifying the brewing process, Teforia allows tea enthusiasts and novices alike more time to sip at their leisure. Now is the moment to create the ideal wake-up cup, afternoon pick-me-up, or bedtime brew, adopting a ritual passed down from the masters.


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