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Fifty Foods in 50 Days

The last supper.

If you had to choose a favourite meal as your last, what would it be? This common question inspired Australian artist CJ Hendry’s latest project, #50Foodsin50Days, detailed drawings of food on Hermès plates. Hendry was intrigued by the variety of answers from an article she read about death row prisoners, as well as answers from her family and friends, so she began sketching and showcasing the results on her Instagram account @cj_hendry in January. “The combination of these highly decorative and luxurious plates, as well as a vast array of foods, makes for a fun interpretation of their original source of inspiration,” she says.

Every day, Hendry sits down with a pen and paper to draw for 15 hours. “Each sketch is so different from the next, which keeps things interesting,” says the artist of the laborious process. Her sketches are all based on photographs—with the foods ranging from a single chili pepper to a ring of decadent oysters—and the drawings are so realistic that it’s easy to imagine reaching through the screen and taking that one last bite.