When Tom Sachs was eight years old, his father wanted a camera. Since the camera was too expensive to buy, the young Sachs made him one of clay instead. Since the boy went on to become a famous sculptor, one might dare to guess that the clay version was way cooler than the original.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Rachel Feinstein is known for conjuring fairy-tale worlds in her dynamic paintings, sculptures, and mise en scènes.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: “No vegetarians in the bush,” proclaimed the driver as if I should have known better. He expertly navigated the bouncing Jeep down the mountain, shaking his head with the sage detachment of one who had learned not to argue with nature.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Walking into David Altmejd’s studio feels like falling down a rabbit hole into some strange wonderland. Hidden on the top floor of a Long Island City warehouse that’s just one subway stop from Manhattan, the large, bright space is a hub of activity.

Artist Tom Corbin’s studio, Corbin Bronze, buzzes with energy. The space, a converted Rosedale, Kansas, firehouse built in 1912, doubles as gallery and showroom, filled with Corbin artwork: paintings, bronze sculptures, and furniture.

For Israeli-born artist Nir Hod, themes of beauty, loneliness, and narcissism—three of his favourite subjects—are constantly recurring in his work.

Scotland may have been dominating headlines as of late for its political referendum, but its art scene is well worth some ink as well, particularly in its capital city. As cultures become increasingly global, art that examines them assumes a new, multi-layered relevance.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: There are many ways to change the world. March in a protest. Love someone. Make a movie. Watch one. Sarah Polley has done these things. The filmmaker has been appointed one of the country’s highest honours: an Officer of the Order of Canada.

First, they asked Los Angeles–based street artist Retna to hand-paint the tail of a Bombardier Global Express. Then, along with fine jeweller Fabergé, VistaJet commissioned Turner Prize–nominated artist Ian Davenport to design the tail of one of its new flagship planes: the Bombardier Global 6000.

Peter Brant unites left brain with right in the pursuit of his true passion: collecting and sharing art.

When it comes to style, less is more. Fashion-industry veteran Scott Morrison took this truth to heart when he opened premium New York denim boutique and atelier 3×1 with co-founder Eric Rothfeld in May 2011. Morrison’s goal? “To make the best jean in the world.”

It’s a scorching, humid New York summer day, but Julien Gardair, clad in khaki shorts and a long-sleeved T-shirt, is unfazed by the heat. To be polite, he flicks on the air conditioning. French people don’t use much A/C, explains the Versailles-born contemporary artist, pouring glasses of sparkling water thick with crushed limes.

Broken Social Scene is a group so epic in its soundscapes, accidental in its cool, and sweeping in its membership that it’s a collective, or a scene.

Whatever happened to mystery? KT Tunstall wants to know. “People don’t seem to want mystery anymore, and I crave it in every artist,” says the 32-year-old Scottish singer-songwriter.

For Jesse Carmichael, Mickey Madden, Matt Flynn, James Valentine, and Adam Levine, the debut of their 2002 breakthrough album, Songs About Jane, catapulted them to fame. Now, with the release of their album, It Won’t Be Soon Before Long, the boys of Maroon 5 have reaffirmed their place in the spotlight.

Misfits and misanthropes are lined up around the block. The queue of fans waiting to meet him snakes out of the record store and along the downtown street. Some clutch digital cameras, others bear roses to offer and albums to have him sign. All hope to shake his hand, smile at him, softly say they love him; share stories about …