Redefining dental care as self-care is the idea behind Swish Oral Care. Located in Calgary’s Bridgeland neighbourhood, Swish is a new full-service dental clinic taking an approach to dental care that prioritizes patient comfort in a spa-like environment that offers state-of-the-art dental technology.

Known as Canada’s fashion capital, Montreal is the third leading city in North America for clothing manufacturing and houses over 70 per cent of businesses in the clothing and fashion sector.

Fashion is  a product of its environment, so it’s unsurprising that when we think of Canadian fashion, most trends cater to the colder seasons or clothes that support outdoor adventure.

While Calgary might not be known for its fine bakeshops and patisseries, the prairie city has a hidden gold mine of luxurious bakeries, chocolatiers, and dessert shops that tempt our sweet tooth and easily impress us with rich flavours.

La Bohème arrives in Calgary on November 9th and runs on select days until November 15th, making it a short but very sweet introduction to the date nights during the winter season.

Here are six Calgary fashion brands that are not only making this pay-it-forward mentality a permanent trend, they’re making a significant difference in their community while offering consumers mindful garments to add to their wardrobe.

Whether you have to find a secret door in a bookshelf, head down a clandestine alleyway, or make your way through a bustling pizza joint to reach the cocktails, these secretive spots in Calgary are worth looking for.

Whether you’re in Canmore for the unmissable alpine façades or bustling restaurant scene, these eateries offer rugged flavours, smoky accents, and experiential presentations with well-known Rocky Mountain hospitality and rustic elegance.

With multiple national parks and UNESCO World Heritage sites only a few hours drive from Calgary and Edmonton, one need not travel far to escape the city.