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Fendi fans Rome's splendour.

The Italian fashion house has undertaken the restoration of Roman fountains in a project billed Fendi for Fountains.

Kitchen couture.

Fendi Casa has turned up the heat with Ambiente Cucina, the brand’s first foray into kitchen decor. Translating the haute couture of the runway to stone countertops and crocodile-printed leather wrapped shelving, the collection comprises three lines.

Modern glamour.

To mark the restoration of the St. Regis Rome, Delfina Delettrez Fendi has designed a collection inspired by the hotel’s new era of modern glamour.

NUVO at Baselworld.

Baselworld is absolutely fascinating for its all-encompassing display of the watch industry’s hold on the world, and jewellery is a bigger part of Baselworld as each year goes by.

Summer accessories.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Revisiting our Summer 2018 Portfolio fashion spread, recently nominated by National Magazine Awards for Lifestyle Photography.

Solar style.

The best hats of the season offer striking silhouettes and ample sun coverage, elevating traditional designs with innovative materials and contemporary proportions. On the beach or in the city, they’ve got you covered in style.

The season's must-have eyewear.

Thirteen of the best sunglasses for the summer.

Home shopping.

There’s a phrase common to the fashion set, a notion of revisiting your existing wardrobe: “shop your closet”. But Holt Renfrew gives new meaning to the saying with the Apartment, a 1,000-square-foot private shopping suite at its Yorkdale Shopping Centre location in Toronto.

The road less travelled.

In 2015, Mario Rigby left everything he knew to set off across Africa on foot. Two years later, he returned to Canada to redefine what it means to be a modern-day adventurer.

Delicate, colourful, and boldly over the top, we have you styled for summer.

Delicate, colourful, and boldly over the top, we have you styled for summer.

Finding a home in art.

Painter and sculptor Nadia Gohar navigates the liminal space between the home she left behind and the home she’s made for herself in art.

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