Rad Hourani

75 rue Charlot
75003 Paris
+33 0 9 80 90 37 96


Svelte, poised, and dressed in all-black, 33-year-old Jordanian-born, Montreal-raised, Paris-based creative Rad Hourani is best known as a fashion designer, although this certainly does not encapsulate his totality.

“Many contemporary philosophers say that consumerism is the biggest ethical battle of our times,” says Sara Nickleson, associate curator at the Design Exchange in Toronto, as she walks through a sea of white mannequins just days before the opening of the design museum’s new exhibition Politics of Fashion | Fashion of Politics.

Rad Hourani is garnering big nods from the fashion industry. A well-known Montreal-based stylist, Hourani began his fashion-forward career at 18, and was working with major publications by the time he’d turned 20. Now, the 25-year-old Jordan native has managed to land himself among the world’s top talents as a designer.