Of Note

A passion for collecting.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: George Gardiner had a passion for life. His interests were eclectic—everything from ice hockey, vintage wines, and thoroughbred horses to delicately decorated ceramics.

COS comes to Canada.

Unlike many logos, the COS emblem speaks directly to the label’s sartorial aesthetic: all clean and white, with slender grey shaded lines to create the shapes of letters, it evokes subtle structure and silhouette.

TIFF's artistic director Cameron Bailey.

A perennial discoverer, Cameron Bailey has an eye not just for what’s hot but also what’s important.

What's fashionable now?

For terribly confusing advice on what to wear this fall, just ask someone who works in fashion. In fact, the better versed a person is in the sartorial milieu of designers and trends on the runways this season, the more inane their answer will be.

Anthony von Mandl’s vision and aesthetic tastes have assured the Okanagan Valley a charmed future.

At the base of Mission Hill Family Estate’s monumental bell tower is a cast-iron sculpture affixed to a rectangular block of granite. The sculpture is emblematic of the winery’s proprietor. Whether it’s ski jumping or empire building, with Anthony von Mandl, it’s all about how far you can fly.

Nearing 80, David Suzuki looks back on a life of increasing activism and improbable fame.

For half a century David Suzuki has been a cautioning voice about our stewardship of the planet.

Milan-based gallerist Nina Yashar cultivates and curates for the most discerning clientele. At Nilufar, her gallery, and at her new treasure trove, Nilufar Depot, the international tastemaker redefines the experience of design.

The Nina Yashar universe is as big in scale as her new design proscenium.

A girl and a dress.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: The dress as icon. There are many reasons why in front of a campfire lacey frills and robin eggs’ blue make the image impressive. A little girl will become obsessed, refusing even to wear anything else but a dress.

Concert-hall sound levels with audiophile precision.

Burmester is one of the world’s most exalted audio manufacturers. The Berlin-based company produces objects of desire—both sonically and visually.