Of Note

Fantastical art.

Rachel Feinstein is known for conjuring fairy-tale worlds in her dynamic paintings, sculptures, and mise en scènes.

A rare breed.

“You throw yourself on the benevolence of the world, believing some kind of wisdom will come of it.” —Canadian explorer Wade Davis

Berlin-based photography duo Haw-lin Services captures the structured curves of our favourite summer sunglasses.

Made in Italy.

From La Marzocco’s headquarters in Scarperia, just outside of Florence, the Italian king of espresso machinery is still an artisanal operation.

Big ideas.

Bjarke Ingels, with his reputation for challenging the traditional conventions of architecture, is set to make his mark on Canadian soil.

A captive mind.

Atom Egoyan’s trajectory from the art house fringe to the high altar of Cannes reveals the riddling signature of a man in love with complexity on an elusive search for light within the darkness.