BMW, among others, imagines a world where cars park themselves, come get you on demand, and can be shared with friends via an app.

Bringing modern functionality to a classic British SUV, the Range Rover Chieftain from Jensen International Automotive is a project to take a classic first-gen Range Rover and modernize just enough of the experience.

While concept cars can often seem like a gimmick, for a young brand like Genesis, the Essentia signals not only their perspective on a luxury grand touring coupe, but also a new design language for their expanding lineup.

The svelte style of a luxurious two-door with the design language and proven appeal of Land Rover’s top model.

In a move towards full-on custom design and creation, Discommon recently announced a wonderfully bonkers project to create a series of automotive-themed coffee tables.

The refresh of the Maserati Ghibli is a subtle evolution of form—a tighter, more athletic look that is befitting of an Italian sports sedan.

The new Navitimer 8 presents a modern and conservative direction for the brand that hinges on exploring its 60-year legacy in elegant sports watch design.