For the first time, Porsche is bringing its Porsche Sport Driving School (PSDS) to Canada, transporting a 40-year-old program to one of Canada’s best-known racecourses.

Through my seat I could feel the plane yawing slightly from side to side, like a car fighting for grip on an icy surface. The feeling was electric, the plane was alive, bristling with power and running with the herd.

I’ve got the windows down and the stereo off as I drive along Malibu’s winding valley roads. Awash in cool ocean breeze, all I can hear is the chirping of birds and the low rumble of this Infiniti’s 5.6L V8.

With both brands exhibiting a clear ability to produce products that catch the eye and stir the soul, this new partnership should lead to some interesting, innovative, and impressively expensive new watches.

With two doors, four seats,12 cylinders, four-wheel drive and a hatchback tail, the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso is as practical a beast as you’ll find within Enzo’s famed stable of prancing ponies.

Existing well outside the mould of the average wristwatch, Greubel Forsey timepieces are unencumbered by market trends, groupthink, or a relentless pursuit of the bottom line.

Of the myriad cars on display in Las Vegas for Consumer Technology Association 2016, few have as much potential for change as the Chevrolet Bolt EV.

If you need the practicality of an SUV but dream of a 911 and don’t plan for any vigorous off-road adventures, the GTS takes the Cayenne platform in a more driver- and performance-oriented direction.