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The Range Rover SV Coupé

A two-door debut.

Land Rover has decided that sometimes two is better than four and announced a new premium limited-edition Range Rover. Announced this past week at the Geneva Auto Show, the Range Rover SV Coupé crosses the svelte style of a luxurious two-door with the design language and proven appeal of Land Rover’s top model, the Range Rover.

Aesthetically, the SV Coupé is exactly what you’d expect: a Range Rover that is short two doors and sits a bit lower than a standard model. Its road presence is hard to beat, with the Range Rover’s floating roof looking even more impressive without the disruption of a rearward set of doors. Likewise, the sloping roofline and surrounding glass make for a shape that is both organic and imposing. While practicality decreases with the loss of the rear doors, the SV Coupé does look rather special.

Assembled by hand in the U.K. at Land Rover’s SVO Technical Centre, the SV Coupé offers an expansive range of interior options and a high degree of available personalization (as is becoming the expectation at this sort of price point). Indeed, photos show a cabin that is reminiscent of a private jet, with ample leather, flowing wood trim, and technology covering most of the available surfaces. Customization includes contrasting front and rear interior colours (something I’ve not seen before at an OEM level), multiple wood options, several paint options (including match-to-sample), bespoke quilting patterns on the seats and trim, engraving, and even the option of having the SV Coupé’s badging rendered in a precious metal.

Its road presence is hard to beat, with the Range Rover’s floating roof looking even more impressive without the disruption of a rearward set of doors.

While this is the first Range Rover to have 23-inch wheels available, the SV Coupé manages to retain many of the off-road hallmarks that have defined the Range Rover brand over the past several decades. This includes being able to tow up to 3.65 tonnes, wade in up to 90 cm of water, provide an adjustable air suspension offering a maximum ground clearance of 26.3 cm, and feature full-time all-wheel drive.

Being an SV, this two-door Ranger doesn’t lack for power. Rocking Land Rover’s 5-litre supercharged V8, the SV Coupé has 557 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque. Despite the SV’s size and weight, this engine allows for a 0-100 km/h time of 5.3 seconds and a top speed of 266 km/h, which is plenty, regardless of how many doors are along for the ride.

Limited to just 999 units worldwide, the Range Rover SV Coupé is fast, exclusive, and highly customizable, so you can imagine the price will be a bit more than that of a standard Range Rover (which starts at $113,000). As it turns out, when Land Rover wanted the SV Coupé to be exclusive, they meant really exclusive, as pricing starts at $335,000 (compare that to the roughly $200,000 starting price for the Range Rover SV Autobiography). With a truly jaw-dropping price, the SV Coupé is a move into the expanding ultra-premium SUV market forming around vehicles like the Lamborghini Urus, the Bentley Bentayga, and the persistent rumors of an eventual SUV from Rolls-Royce.


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