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Where to Find The Best Gelato in New York

Cool scoops in the Big Apple.

When it gets hot in the Big Apple, cool, creamy gelato provides an ideal respite. After miles of walking in search of some of the best in New York City, here’s where our weary feet and appreciative palates led us.

There are two Eataly locations in New York City, both with their own gelaterias boasting small batches of the Italian frozen treat, made daily using whole milk from neighbouring New York dairies and ingredients like hazelnuts directly from Piemonte and Venchi chocolate from Torino. Don’t miss out on the Tiramisu Mandorle (almond-flecked tiramisu gelato that takes the dessert to a whole new level), or the Frutti di Bosco sorbetto if you’re vegan or looking for a refreshing, non-dairy fruit-forward choice. And if you’re an affogato lover, there’s a whole new menu just for you. We recommend the Flatiron location with a pit stop at the coffee bar for an afternoon pick-me-up—and maybe a foil-wrapped Venchi chocolate too.

There’s a whole philosophy behind the carefully produced gelato at Grom. Their goal is to produce gelato “like it used to be made”, using high-quality fresh milk, cage-free eggs, and sorbets made with 50 per cent fruit. They’re so serious about their chain of production that, to ensure maximum quality, all bases are mixed in Turin before being distributed to Grom stores throughout Italy and beyond. Fruit is supplied by their organic farm, Mura Mura, and a consortium of selected growers. The blueberry and white chocolate, a rotating seasonal flavour, is an excellent choice, as is the sweet-tart blackberry gelato. If you’re travelling with kids, their all-natural, preservative-free all-fruit popsicles are sure to be a hit.

Il Laboratorio del Gelato
Yes, “Il Laboratorio” means “the laboratory” in Italian, where former Ciao Bella gelato founder, Jon Snyder, has taken to producing the highest quality gelato and sorbet possible. For Snyder, ice cream is in the blood. He’s the third generation of ice cream makers in his family, having spent time with his grandmother, and in Italy, learning the craft while also hitting the books at Columbia to earn his MBA before opening Il Laboratorio del Gelato in 2002. The small batch, handmade results are worth seeking out in the city’s Lower East Side (note: you can hit the Tenament Museum before or after as it’s nearby). Sleek, clean metals, white walls and a neon blue sign give this contemporary space a lab-like feel. But the flavours are all heart. Even the most resolute gelato lover will give the cherry sorbet an appreciative nod—not too sweet, not too tart, and as refreshing as a spring breeze. It remains the best sorbet we’ve tried to date. The walnut nocello is for nut lovers—whole pieces of crunchy walnuts in a balanced, milky base. Summertime perfection.


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