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Toronto Eats

Author Amy Rosen’s second helping.

There was a time when few would be interested in a book called Toronto Eats: 100 Signature recipes from the City’s Best Restaurants. “Toronto used to be a culinary backwater until the 1980s, when chefs with talent and moxie decided we could be more, and pushed us forwards with ingredients, talent, and creativity,” explains the book’s author (and local bakery-owner) Amy Rosen. “The next wave came about a decade ago, when our multicultural city finally fully embraced the cultures that live and cook here.”

The sequel to Rosen’s 2014 bestseller Toronto Cooks, this year’s Toronto Eats—out in September—is a brightly-designed celebration of local deliciousness and an exploration into how the city’s culinary scene constantly improves, thanks in part to the contributions of first generation Canadian chefs fusing heritage with surroundings. Home chefs will discover easy to follow recipes from local favourites in its pages—”More Wednesday night dinners, fewer weekend projects, if you will,” says Rosen. Think dishes like Indian Street Food Co.’s Mumbai chili crab and Carmen Cocina Espanola’s crunchy-bottomed paella, as well as straightforward gourmet treats like Figo’s ricotta with truffle honey and the insanely rich brownies from Ezra’s Pound. Consider Toronto Eats an approachable guide to standout meals from a vibrant culinary scene—a way to explore the city from your home kitchen.

See below for recipe excerpts from Amy Rosen’s Toronto Eats: 100 Signature recipes from the City’s Best Restaurants.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Squares by Vanessa Baudanza and Isabelle Loiacono of The Rolling Pin.

Sierra’s Insanely Awesome Brownies by Ezra Braves of The Espresso Institute of North America.

Avocado Kale Caesar Salad by Robert Bragagnolo of Carver.

Roasted Lamb Leg and Creamy Ricotta Polenta by Roger Mooking of Twist by Roger Mooking.

Pecorino Focaccia Bianca by Simon Blackwell of Blackbird Baking Co.


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