Century Plant Cocktail

Tequila summer.

Daily Edit: Century Plant, Tequila Cocktail Recipes

Lauren Mote—co-proprietor of Bittered Sling, internationally celebrated mixologist, and recent inductee into the Dame Hall of Fame—shares three recipes for tequila-based cocktails. See the rest of them, here

The margarita, as an iconic Mexican cocktail, definitely shares great company. Both the Michelada (beer and spices) and the Paloma (tequila and grapefruit soda) are quintessential desert-quenching cocktails. The Century Plant cocktail takes some advice from both, and unites the two ideas together into a concoction just shy from a tequila shandy.


3/4 ounce Don Julio Blanco tequila
3/4 ounce Los Siete Misterios “Doba-Yej” mezcal
1 ounce celery juice (strained and free from pulp, unpasteurized)
1 ounce lime juice (strained and free from pulp, unpasteurized)
1 ounce Giffard ginger syrup
3 ounce Driftwood Gose-uh beer (or equivalent)
2 dashed Bittered Sling Cascade Celery bitters


Add all ingredients except the beer to a shaker, add ice, and shake for 5–7 seconds. Double strain over ice in a polished Collins glass. Top with beer, and garnish with celery and mint.