Meet the First Skin Care and Beauty Brand Made from Ghee

Ghlee has South Asian traditions go skin-deep.

When Varun Sharma was growing up, his lips would become inflamed and tear during the winter months, causing him to steal his sisters’ lip remedies. When those didn’t provide lasting relief, his mother would say, “Why don’t you put some ghee on your lips?” Roughly four years ago, Ghlee, the first ghee-based beauty brand, came to fruition—“because Mom was right.”

A family affair, Sharma’s father makes each batch of ghee by hand (following his meticulous 10-page recipe), while his sister’s business acumen helps the company innovate. A traditional Ayurvedic treatment as well as a skin-care ingredient, ghee contains Omega 3, 6, and 9, with the benefits from its key ingredient heightened due to the inclusion of olive squalene, kahai oil, camellia oil, and vitamin E.

Ghlee Beauty makes lip balms in rose, mango-papaya, mint, and chai scents as well as unscented, plus a lip scrub and lip mask. It has recently added a balm for muscle pain, “supercharged with arnica oil, paprika, and black pepper with a lot of other ingredients that accelerate the healing process,” Sharma says.




Photography by Sophie Sahara.