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Quebecois quirk online.

Objetik’s online boutique favours minimalism, to be sure, but there is another theme to the repertoire.

This new venture from Montreal–based Tara and Adrian Milroy strives to expose the world to Quebecois design, currently drawing from a growing resource of 27 designers for their curation of 80 lifestyle objects. “We feel as though there is a lot of focus already on handmade and craft items,” says Tara, “whereas the field of design largely falls through the cracks. We’re really trying to expose the field of creative design itself.”

Unique items range from the multipurpose Catch My Drip (a combination umbrella holder/rain collector/doorstopper) to the wreath-like Lichen Clock (horology with a spot of low-maintenance botany). Perhaps the quirkiest of wares is a set of drinking glasses adorned with vintage photographs of a 14-member Quebecois family, the Adjutor de Montignys—a playful nod to the province’s historically large households.

With a repertoire of varied functions and aesthetics, Objetik’s diverse collection finds cohesion by rooting itself in the core qualities of sustainability and utilitarianism, which the Milroys observe throughout modern Quebecois design, all the entrenched in classic Canadiana charm.