The St. Regis Saber by Christofle

Open your champagne with a fancy sword.

Daily Edit: St. Regis and Christofle Saber

Champagne comes with inherent dramatic flair—after all, it’s classically celebratory and onomatopoeic to boot (pop! Spritz! Fizzle!). Now, thanks to St. Regis Hotels and French silver company Christofle, “swoosh” can be added to the mix—or, you know, whatever noise a saber makes as it cleanly sluices through glass. The two iconic luxury brands have collaborated on a bespoke champagne saber hand-crafted in Christofle’s Haute Orfevrerie workshop in Yainville, Normandy. First popularized by Napoleon’s troops, who, legend has it, lacked the dexterity to pop a cork while on horseback, the act of sabarage has become a festive way to access one’s libations. The St. Regis Saber by Christofle will be available for retail and will be featured at milestone events and celebrations at St. Regis hotels—purchase one, and enjoy access to a sabarage master class led by an expertly-trained St. Regis butler. Because if you’re going to be fooling around with a knife and a glass bottle, you should probably know what you’re doing.