Jean Verville’s Dance Floor, Montreal

Canadian architect Jean Verville’s concept, Dance Floor, has been chosen by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA) to transform Museum Avenue. Throughout the summer, the boulevard will be stamped with 5,000 footprints—each one paved in a pattern indicative of hammered gold, a material popular with Pompeii’s artisans, in a nod to the MMFA’s exhibit on the Italian city that runs until September. The interactive trompe-l’oeil invites passersby to find unique choreography within the emblazoned steps, favouring playful movement and a certain joie de vivre.

One can’t help but wonder if Verville had Mick Jagger and the late David Bowie in mind when conceptualizing Dance Floor—summer is here and it appears the time is right; all we need is sweet music.

Photos by Maxime Brouillet via v2com.