One only has to look down for a more sustainable and localized lifestyle.

Since the concept of Gross National Happiness was initiated in Bhutan in the seventies, the country has made efforts to translate an emotion into a political standard. One recent attempt is the opening of the GNH Centre Bhutan.

Official Olympic timekeeper Omega has announced the release of the Rio 2016, a limited edition Seamaster Diver 300M to commemorate the Summer 2016 Olympics.

In the valley that extends between the Canadian Rocky Mountain and the Columbia Mountain Ranges lies British Columbia’s Golden, a town well-endowed with natural wonder.

Until June 26, 2016, attendees to Toronto’s Luminato Festival may bear witness to a strange nude lounging among weeds and cement rubble near the Hearn Generating Station.

Golden’s Moberly Lodge offers guests a chance to experience untamed wilderness without sacrificing comfort or sincere hospitality.

Swiss luxury beauty line Alpessence crafts lotions with diamonds, malachite, pearls, platinum, caviar, and alpine rose stem cells. It sounds superfluous, but there’s compelling research to support their inclusion.

The Heffel Fine Art Auction House’s spring 2016 auction this May is a tribute to the seminal moments of both Canada’s art history and the careers of the artists who defined it.

London-based design company Sian Zeng has managed to do the impossible: indulge a child’s impulse to use a household wall as a canvas, while keeping home décor defacement-free.

Chinese visual artist Liu Bolin has found success within a curious paradox: he stands out by blending in.

Paisley, chevron, polka dot—all recognizable patterns but none with more social capital than Burberry’s Scottish check.

While aristocratic Pompeians are frequently the subject of exhibits on the ancient Italian city, Pompeii instead focuses on bringing exhibit attendees into the everyday lives of Pompeii’s common people before the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D.

Picasso in Private: Works from the Collection of Marina Picasso is an assortment of Picasso’s work from his granddaughter’s private collection that includes 187 pieces from each decade of his career.

Legend has it that Lewis Carroll redefined the word portmanteau. Originally used to describe a stiff leather suitcase that hinged at its back to open in two equal halves, Carroll, inspired by the definition, applied it to language.

If one is looking to invest, the regular considerations might include Amazon, Google, Apple—even penny stocks (as one philosophy suggests, where is there to go but up?). Yet recent research indicates the most lucrative investment might not be in gold.

“We’re trying to not take ourselves too seriously,” says co-owner Eryn Dorman of Latab’s whimsical air. Yet that’s only as far as the décor is concerned; the food is seriously good.

At this year’s Interior Design Show in Toronto, Caesarstone will unveil its most recent collaboration: an ice-themed kitchen created with London-based interior design label Tom Dixon.

The global acclaim of Vancouver’s International Airport can be perhaps attributed, in part, to the tranquility that its native artwork collection brings to the typically hectic airport environment.

Should you ever find yourself waiting in line at the city hall in Grenoble—a surprisingly flat city nestled among the base of the French Alps—you will discover an unexpected way to bide your time.

Marcus Wainwright and David Neville, co-founders of Rag & Bone, are relaxing in a private room on the second floor of Vancouver’s Nordstrom. They are here for a cocktail party, scheduled later in the evening, to promote their latest collection.

It is a mild fall Saturday morning in Edmonton, and a long line of patient pastry-seekers stretches south down 124th Street outside of Duchess Bake Shop. It seems the crowd might be gathered for something momentous, yet there is no special occasion; they wait simply for the opening hour of their favourite French bakery.

Harry Winston’s new Premier Precious Butterfly Automatic watch collection unites horology with lepidoptery: each of the four timepieces feature a dial decorated with the iridescent powder found on a butterfly’s wing.

If the surface of the world has begun to feel like not quite enough, consider exploring previously inaccessible sub-aquatic territory in your own fully submersible superyacht.

The Pirelli Calendar. The name alone evokes a history of exclusivity, sex appeal, and artistry. Since 1964, the calendar has featured some of the world’s most beautiful models photographed under the artistic direction of renowned photographers.

New Vancouver restaurant AnnaLena is a charming homage to youth, as focused on the atmosphere as it is on food.

Half the fun of taking a trip abroad is finding something memorable to bring back home. Adding to its repertoire of coveted chevron items, MissoniHome has released a beach and travel collection, available exclusively through Four Seasons resorts’ Seaside Luxe boutiques.

Champagne has a complex personality; it’s a beverage you ought to get to know and spend time with. Veuve Clicquot’s second annual Yelloweek provides a good opportunity to do so.

From Norwegian functional fashion brand Swims (best known for revitalizing the galosh) comes a collection of classics.