A Scintillatingly Smoky Caesar With an Award-Winning Whisky

Distillerie Fils du Roy’s Fort Beauséjour whisky stars in the Boucane Caesar.

New Brunswick’s Distillerie Fils du Roy recently won the Canadian Artisan Spirit of the Year award at the Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition for its Fort Beauséjour whisky. Noted for its “smoke, apple, and juicy citrus on the palate,” and its “lush and velvety” texture, according to Artisan Distillers Canada founder Alex Hamer, Fort Beauséjour is as fantastic in a cocktail as it is on its own. The team at Distillerie Fils du Roy has a provided NUVO with the recipe for its Boucane (“smoke” in Acadian French) Caesar, so readers can cheers to the big winners.



Celery salt

Lime wedge

1.5 ounces Fort Beauséjour whisky

6 ounces Caesar mix (or tomato juice, hot sauce, and Worcestershire sauce)

Celery stick

.5 ounce pickle juice (optional)

Dulse for garnish



Put some celery salt in a shallow dish.

Wet the rim of your glass with lime wedge and keep it for a garnish.

Roll the rim of the glass in the celery salt.

Pour in the whisky and Caesar mix.

Add pickle juice if you want an extra kick.

Stir to mix ingredients.

Add celery stick.

Garnish with dulse.