Twenty-five years after launching his visionary makeup brand, François Nars has released his most ambitious collection yet and is turning heads with another hit in the making—his first fragrance.

With organic ingredients, built-in benefits, and innovative textures, the newest self-tanners make it easy to get a natural glow minus the sun.

Thirty years after introducing its famous Skin Caviar, the Swiss skin-care purveyor is back with a next-generation iteration.

The dominance of wellness is changing the men’s skin-care game, giving rise to supercharged natural formulas targeted at the needs of fitness buffs.

Mathilde Thomas’s beauty empire harnesses the incredible healing power of grapes from her family’s French vineyard.

The non-conformist founder of Toronto-based beauty company Deciem has his eyes set on a new venture: revolutionizing the fragrance industry.

Barbara Sturm, MD, combines molecular medicine with a side of herbs for her plant-based skin-care line.

“Frankie, go get her!” I hear these words as I step off the elevator and walk to the door of Rose-Marie Swift’s apartment in downtown New York, where the makeup artist has lived for more than two decades. Frankie is the adorable dog that greets me, a Yorkshire terrier that Swift shares with her friend—and long time client—the model Miranda Kerr.

Early morning sunlight streams through the 500-square-foot studio of perfumer Anne McClain as she leans over her pinewood workbench. The lush scents of perfumes, elixirs, and beeswax moulds surround McClain in her greenhouse-like space.

Shampoo is designed for one simple purpose: to clean hair. But could the rinse-lather-repeat ritual do more harm than good?