David Harbour acts within worlds of darkness. In that realm, unflinching and impenetrable, the Stranger Things actor has found his unlikely niche.

Christina Ricci has spent the better part of three decades on screen, from child actor to art-house indie darling to her current adult oeuvre: producing and starring in a new series.

The chef behind Osteria Francescana, the world’s best restaurant, upends the norms of Italian cooking

The sixteenth in Nick Jones’s fast-expanding empire of Soho House private clubs, Ludlow House opened earlier this year in New York’s Lower East Side, known for tenement buildings, storeys stacked on storeys.

Anthony Bourdain has built a reputation on his willingness to try every food at least once. His latest cookbook, Appetites, is unsurprisingly laden with f-bombs as he holds forth on the basics of home cooking.

Miller doesn’t just offer guidance. She’s not just your friend’s chatty mother, an endless engine of advice. She offers the possibility that the universe cares about you.

Lior Lev Sercarz clings to coasts. The 43-year-old master spice blender with a leonine mane of grey hair and Newman-blue eyes grew up on a kibbutz in Galilee, learned his trade on the northwestern coast of France.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Rancho La Puerta may well be the original wellness destination, a resort and spa in Tecate, Mexico, just near the U.S. border. It is, and has been, where well-heeled hippies go, ever since it was founded in 1940.

Très petite and as bubbly as she can muster so early in the morning, Caroline Bailly looks more like a high-powered gallerist than a highend floral designer.

The first time I met Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø, it was 2013 and he was holding a $2,000 bottle of beer.

It’s another beautiful day at Broadfield, the 2,300-hectare sporting club at Sea Island resort in the south of Georgia, and Chris Kennedy, a master falconer there, is eyeing the trees. “Falconry,” he says, “is all about patience.”

Englishman Nick Jones continues the expansion of his Brit-pack-cool Soho House with openings across Europe and North America.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Ethan Hawke walks with the unhurried gait of a man with nowhere to go. His features—blue eyes, permanently terror-wide; a deep, implacable crease running down his forehead; the unchanging goatee—are pale in the light of a sunny afternoon in New York’s Chelsea neighbourhood.

Brandishing a pencil, a pen if he is confident, a puzzler turns to the Arts & Leisure section of The New York Times, scans the page, finds his quarry, and settles in for a fight.

Rivers of stone, rivers of time; Avignon, the ancient French city on the banks of the Rhone River, sits at the confluence of both. The city, the largest in the southern department of Vaucluse, is best known for the Pont Saint-Bénézet—that famous broken bridge sung about by millions of francophone tots.

If you were to total the tonnage of a modest boutique hotel, the mass would be staggering. Hundreds of steel beams, acres of thin carpet, sheets of glass wall. So it is particularly impressive when a hotel is transparent.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: When Charlie Trotter’s opened 25 years ago, the Windy City was still a town known primarily for its dirty politics, smoked meats, and stockyards. Almost single-handedly, the then-28-year-old chef fomented a foodie revolution, not only in Chicago, but throughout the country.

Halfway through the journey of my life, I find myself in a dark wood. The only sign that man has once been in here is an old marble bench, mossed over by time. I look downhill; I look uphill, where late summer leaves extrude the early afternoon sunlight. Beyond them, peeking over the horizon, I glimpse what looks to be a castle. I climb toward it.

The author, screenwriter, and prolific, controversial tweeter, has been known to stir up trouble with just a tap of his keyboard.

For those who know their way around the better lobbies of the world, there is an immediate tell when entering an Ian Schrager property: a timbre of studied hubbub, the orientation of expertly feng shui-ed chairs, the hip restaurant to the left, the hipster lounge to the right. There’s even a specific scent.