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Francis Ford Coppola Resorts

The Coppola collection.

Leisure and delight can be found at each of the five retreats of the Francis Ford Coppola Resorts. Designed by the renowned filmmaker, the resorts offer gorgeous views of Belize mountaintops, Guatemala rainforests, Argentina landscapes, or Italian hillsides. The Palazzo Margherita, located in Bernalda—the birthplace of Coppola’s grandfather—is a renovated 19th-century villa, originally built in 1892. Serene surroundings allow guests to explore the natural wilderness of each enticing destination, whether it be excavating majestic Mayan ruins, swimming alongside barrier reefs, or hiking through tropical jungles. Yet the luxurious set-up of each resort means that guests can also simply kick back and unwind. Recreation or relaxation, the Coppola Resorts provide a diverse variety of getaway pleasures.