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Duck & Waffle, London

View from the top.

Daily Edit: Duck & Waffle

Atop one of the tallest buildings in London, there’s a restaurant.

Duck & Waffle is perched 40 floors up a vertiginous, glass-walled elevator in the city’s Heron Tower, with the rest of the city spread beautifully beneath. Style-wise, an array of décor influences seem to have been thrown into the mix—there are Moroccan tiles, graffitied walls, and red banquettes, all amounting to an ambiance of haphazard luxury. Open 24 hours a day, the menu sees elevated comfort foods—shakshuka eggs, full English breakfasts, and sweet waffles in the morning; tuna, octopus with chorizo, barbeque-spiced slivered pig’s ears at night; and the signature dish of expertly cooked duck, crispy-skinned atop a golden waffle, served with mustard maple syrup—anytime. Cocktails are creative: upon a visit, a special drinks menu emphasized vegetal flavours (an artichoke negroni was delicious), though new innovations appear all the time.

For visitors keen to see London from above, a visit (and a reservation in advance) is a must.


Daily Edit: Duck & Waffle