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Curious Collections

Yes, there's a museum for that.

Museums encourage discovery in unexpected ways, often about the unexpected itself. These seven galleries around the world display the likes of history’s unusual, unpredictable, and oft un-celebrated. Take the death cast of conjoined twins at the Mütter Museum, the smallest mummy in the world at Guanajuato’s Museo de las Momias, or the collection of retired signs at Las Vegas’ Neon Museum. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland features “The Teacher” stage prop from Pink Floyd’s The Wall tour, and the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles celebrates music in all forms, with rooms devoted to hands-on instrument playing. The Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum features the bones of the pachyrhinosaurus, one of the rarest horned dinosaurs, while the Gucci Museo delves into the legacy of Gucci designs, from printed purses to tableware. Stroll through these decorated hallways and open up a world beyond the norm.