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A Look Back: Jewellery and Timepieces

Celebrating our 15th anniversary.

There is a certain confidence that comes with being well adorned, and the art of jewellery and watch design has captivated us for decades. Some pieces are such standouts that we centre our morning dress routine around them, while some provide a decorative finishing touch. Others, still, are so precious they’re revealed only on the most special of occasions.

Much like those they dress, the brands, designers, and manufacturers that we have spoken with over the past 15 years have their own dynamisms: Paloma Picasso’s designs are bold and sensual; MB&F horology offers unparalleled imagination and invention in the watchmaking industry; Wellendorff jewellery is distinguished by its rich enamel designs and silky gold ropes. Through their pristine settings, superior functionality, and the striking beauty of their designs, these industry greats continue to convert buyers to collectors.