Autumn 2013


Food for thought.

In celebration of Earth Day: Nature’s Path is North America’s largest family-owned organic, non-GMO cereal brand, led by its impassioned founders Ratana and Arran Stephens.

A village oasis.

Rancho La Puerta may well be the original wellness destination, a resort and spa in Tecate, Mexico, just near the U.S. border. It is, and has been, where well-heeled hippies go, ever since it was founded in 1940 by Hungarian philosopher Edmond Szekely and his young bride, Brooklyn-born Deborah Szekely.

Warranted scents.

With an unparalleled affection for fragrant gardens and country fields, those from the land of the English rose have a nose for quality scents. It’s practically tradition for Brits in the know to stock up at Penhaligon’s.

Enigma of Einaudi.

Audiences clearly adore Ludovico Einaudi, if the demands for encores and multiple standing ovations—which greeted him on his most recent North American tour—are any indication. Accompanied by a 10-piece orchestra, the Italian pianist and composer is expanding his popularity everywhere he goes.

Bora Bora, Moorea, and Tikehau in French Polynesia.

It could have happened while sailing through the South Pacific toward Moorea, just prior to docking alongside its tangled mountain bluffs at sunset. It may have been while trekking through jungle vines and coral escarpments on a remote slice of land near Tikehau affectionately called Bird Island, with an obscene number of multicoloured birds swooping overhead.

Mosaic maestro.

Most people know painter Amedeo Modigliani’s famous portraits of sad, eerily empty-eyed women with elongated faces. But have you ever seen them reinterpreted as mosaics?

The guy with the sign reading "The End Is Nigh" just might be right.

There may be, as the song goes, 50 ways to leave your lover. But it appears there are 100 ways to meet your maker, especially nowadays when hardly a year passes without another troublesome prediction about the end times.

The oldest brandy in France.

There’s just no denying that cognac is better known than Armagnac. Both are brandies, created by distilling wine, and they’re made in regions only 100 kilometres apart at their closest points. But cognac is dominated by four big brands, while Armagnac is more often artisanal.

Attraverso by Giacomo Moor.

Founded in 1997 by Memphis Group movers and shakers, including Ettore Sottsass and Alberto Bianchi Albrici, Milan’s Galleria Post Design even today never fails to provide counterpoint to the dull dogmas of the design industry.