Vancouver’s Best Pies

On a quest for the country’s finest pies.

Canada's Best Pies, Vancouver, The Pie Hole

We asked judges in Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, and Toronto to select the finest pies in their respective cities. Here are Vancouver’s results.

Savary Island
Located in West Vancouver’s cozy Ambleside neighbourhood, Savary Island makes perhaps the best crust around—flakey, tender, strong enough to encase classic fillings of rhubarb-raspberry, blueberry, buttermilk, and pumpkin (plus a savoury selection, also available frozen). Consider it pie Valhalla you’ve got to cross a bridge for.

The Pie Hole
Look no further for a truly fine apple pie; tall, with a tender but substantial crust that keeps even the first slice for-company levels of pretty, and (ask ahead) flecked with a subtle spoonful of rosemary in the filling. These are probably the best cream pies in the city, too—try the fluffy, not-too-sweet banana.

The Pie Shoppe
This tiny takeout shop treats pie as an art form, crafting downright poetic flavours like grapefruit-cardamom buttermilk chess, salted honey, and blueberry laced with cinnamon, orange, and vanilla, all encased in a shortbread-y crust. Call ahead for daily flavours.

Lime & Moon
This all-organic little bakeshop runs locations out of Bowen Island and Yaletown both, and specializes in classic pies with a twist, like sugar pumpkin, organic apple-raspberry with a chocolate crust, or juicy strawberry with fresh basil leaves. Vegan and gluten-free variations are available for those in need.

Aussie Pie Guy
This roving truck uses prime ingredients (tender, free-range B.C. beef, aged cheddar, local bacon) in their fulsomely-crusted savoury Australian pies. Rotating specials like salmon pie and lamb curry pie are always good bets, and their cinnamon-apple custard “sweetie pie” with orchard-fresh apples is divine.