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Sweet Nordic Baking

Nature-inspired treats from Scandinavia.

Norwegian graphic designer Marit Hovland may not have professional experience as a baker, but that has no bearing on the merit of her first cookbook—Bakeland: Nordic Treats Inspired by Nature. Everything in this pretty tome, from the photographs and layout to the recipes, were created by Hovland herself, and are stunning to behold. True to its title, this is a cookbook for nature lovers.

Its recipes in essence are straightforward—cupcakes, brownies, and buns made with plenty of fruit, nuts, and spices—but are accompanied by instructions on how to embellish them with beautiful decorations, which one may use or forgo at will. None of these garnishes use fondants or edible glitter, rather, Hovland walks readers through the deceptively simple process of candying wildflowers and piping mushrooms out of meringue. The results are phenomenally cute—suited equally well to a child’s tea party or a dainty adult brunch. To use this book to make gingersnap pinecones or rose-topped almond buns is to feel like a part of a fairytale.

Here are two recipes from the cookbook:

Photos by Marit Hovland.


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