Suntory Toki

Highball-ready whisky.

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The new Toki blend by Japanese whisky makers Suntory challenges the idea that whisky is best sipped neat (or over a couple of rocks, perhaps). Rather, Toki is a mixing whisky with substance of its own; a deft combination of three of Suntory’s premium whiskies (the smoky Hakusha and spicy Yamazaki single malts, and the sweet, light, single grain Chita) united in a bright drink with apricot flavours and notes of gingery spice. “The base of Toki feels very Chita, then there’s a rounded bit of spice coming from the Yamazaki,” explains Suntory brand ambassador Johnnie Mundell. “Suntory has taken the practice of blending, which is so basic, and made it an art form. They have taken their weakness as a company—their geographic isolation and the fact that they are relatively new to making whisky, and made it into their strength by perfecting these expert blends.” Mixed into a traditional Japanese highball, with dense ice, soda water, and a twist of lemon, Toki makes for an ideal cocktail hour refresher. “For us, we taste it and go, ‘(Toki) is so simple, so subtle’,” says Mundell of the spirit. “But such thought and craft went into it.”

Post Date:

September 1, 2016