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Código 1530 Rosa Tequila

Drink pink.

Pink Tequila

Tequila is associated with abandonment—namely, of one’s reputation in a flurry of salt and lime. But delve beyond this surface roughness, and one will find expressions of the blue agave-derived drink that are elegant, subtle, and surprising. Should you happen upon a bottle of Código 1530 Rosa, you’ll most certainly be tickled pink.


Pink Tequila


The pink-hued tequila may appear perfectly millennial, but rest assured Código 1530 Rosa’s recipe is highly sophisticated. For nearly a decade, the tinged spirit was a private commission of Código co-founder Federico Vaughan—he served it to family and friends at his home in Cabo San Lucas, making it a bona fide house spirit. But after launching Código 1530, a collective of multi-generational families rooted in the craft of fine tequila making, Vaughan’s rosy varietal is now brightening up cocktails throughout North America, and beyond.

To craft Código 1530 Rosa, the persnickety distillery starts by aging blue agave for seven years. It uses water sourced only from the town of Amatitán (from rain, or freshwater pools) that has been filtered through volcanic soil. Fermented with organic yeast, the resulting tequila gets a final touch: it spends one month in Napa cabernet French white oak barrels, which impart red fruit and natural floral notes, and make the blanco tequila blush.

Earthy yet clean, bold but bright, it’s the type of tequila you won’t find in the shadows of a nightclub—here is a tequila that’s stained pink, to be tasted and seen, with renewed reputation.


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