The Beautiful Simplicity of F. Miller Skin Care

A clean slate.

Beauty entrepreneur Fran Miller has always been guided by quality, consumer needs, and thoughtful design. “These elements are constantly evolving for me,” she says. Her evolution is made clear now, five years after launching her oil-centric skin-care line F. Miller, as she celebrates the brand’s relaunch. Why a relaunch? “So much is changing in the natural beauty landscape,” she explains, “mostly for the better.” But there is a lot of greenwashing taking place in beauty spaces too. In response, Miller took a year to double-down on finding the most sustainable producers and environmentally friendly packaging, and sourcing things as locally as possible. With the help of U.S.-based recycling company TerraCycle, she also managed to make the F. Miller Toronto studio close to waste-free. “It’s the same but different, I like to say,” she says. The range is still made up of five oils (face, body, eye, hair, and lip balm), but it is the details we don’t see that make all the difference, to us and to Mother Earth.


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