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Mauli Rituals

Ancient India’s beauty wisdom redefined for balanced, modern living.

In 2013 Anita and Bittu Kaushal, the founders of London-based luxury skin-care label Mauli Rituals, embarked on a spiritual pilgrimage to the their motherland of India, to pay homage to lost loved ones on the banks of the Ganges. While there, that the couple re-discovered the healing power of India’s most treasured traditions. With the help of Bittu’s father, an Ayurvedic doctor who encouraged the pair to study Vedic scriptures, they embraced the traditional Hindu system of achieving health and bodily balance through diet, yogic breathing, and the use of regenerative herbs.

It was this study of scriptures that led Anita and Bittu to conceive of Mauli, a collection of skin-care products emphasizing purity, luxury, and synergy. Newly carried by Net-A-Porter, Mauli applies Ayurvedic principles to its production and uses organic ingredients rich in antioxidants in its serums, creams, a healing bath salts. Free from synthetic fragrances, parabens, mineral oils, silicones, sulphates, and a myriad of other questionable additives, and packed in recyclable and re-usable packaging, Mauli’s products are easy on your body and the environment, too. Sandalwood, blackseed, saffron, and rose feature prominently among their ingredients for their ability to rejuvenate the senses and soothe the soul. Mauli’s Supreme Face Serum is particularly noteworthy. An opulent blend of 16 deeply hydrating botanicals, including tissue-healing argan oil and glow-inducing calendula, the serum deeply penetrates the skin, leaving behind a dewy, healthy radiance.

“I hope Mauli creates a daily opportunity to pause for sacred space in an overly-stimulated world, so the beauty within has a chance to shine,” says Anita. “Mauli means a connection to self and others. We rely on exercise to keep us fit, good food to fuel us, and Mauli completes the cycle of well-being by creating inner beauty and outer radiance.”

The name “Mauli,” itself refers to the tradition of giving a sacred red thread to a friend during a puja (blessing ritual) in order to invoke goodwill. It serves as a gentle reminder to slow down and nurture oneself. This philosophy informs the brand’s identity—Mauli seeks to connect us all via a common thread of self-care.