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Philippe Malouin’s Swings

A Caesarstone playground.

Canadian-born, London-based designer Philippe Malouin is known for his innovative use of materials and playful final forms—his brick lamp and hanger chair for Umbra Shift are just two examples. Now Tom Dixon’s protégé is taking the element of whimsy to new heights with Swings, an interactive playground-inspired installation on display at Vancouver’s Interior Design Show (IDS West), running September 24–27 (previously at IDS Toronto). His 12-piece circular swing set features Caesarstone quartz cut into rectangles and suspended from rope. The manufacturer is no stranger to conceptual installations; last year’s Islands installation included customizable units that ran the gamut from bath tubs to ping pong tables. Malouin’s swings offer IDS attendees yet another counter-culture display of Caesarstone’s fine materials, commonly used for kitchen countertops, in a way far more reminiscent of playtime than dinnertime.