How to Grill the Perfect Steak for Father’s Day According to Ryan Gauthier

Salt and sizzle.

Vancouver chef Ryan Gauthier of Black + Blue steak house has shared with us the following tips for grilling the perfect Father’s Day steak.

1. First things first: choosing your cut. Choose the cut that you love to eat most. It being Father’s Day, you deserve it. Most common steak cuts for the barbecue are rib-eye, striploin, and tenderloin. If you get your paws on a rib-cap or tomahawk, even better.

2. Whatever steak you’ve decided to go with, make sure you’ve brought it to room temperature before you start cooking it. While you’re waiting for that to happen, fire up your barbecue. Turn one side of it up to high heat and the other to a low medium (if this is possible with your barbecue). If you only have one setting, then crank it to high, but you’ll need to turn it down after the initial sear.

3. Once your steak is at room temperature, season it generously with a nice salt (sea, rock, Maldon) and cracked black pepper. Or you can make your own steak rub with salt, black pepper, chili flakes, garlic chips, mustard seeds, etc.—whatever you want, really. Put a little canola or grape-seed oil on the steak (not too much, cause you don’t want flames that will create black soot—just a pinch). Sear the seasoned steak on one side until you have a nice caramel brown colour, which comes from the rendering of the fat and protein. Then sear the other side until you have the same colour. Now, depending on how you like your steak cooked, you’ll want to put it on the low side of the barbecue, or you’ll start your resting process.

4. When you’ve cooked your steak to your optimal temperature, ensure you rest it on a wire rack that is lined with a tray or something of that nature. Rest it for the same amount of time that you cooked it for. This allows all the natural juices to set inside the seared walls of the steak and it won’t pour out when you make your first cut. Now, keep that barbecue on and turn it down to a medium heat. When everything is ready, such as your sides, your wine, your company, place the rested steak back on the barbecue for about 1–2 minutes only, just to get heat on it so you aren’t eating it cold.

5. Bon appetit!


grilling the perfect steak


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